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Professional Development

AzDEO offers a variety of Professional Development Opportunities: Our annual Professional Development Day affectionately known as the Pink Tutu Flu, the annual Dance Educators Retreat, and various workshops with local, national, and international dance artists as the opportunities present themselves. 

Dance Educators Retreat & Annual Meeting 2024

​Information to come at a later date.
In 2017, we began offering a second annual professional development day. The Retreat offers a day of movement and discussion classes designed for all dance teachers. This is followed by our Annual Business Meeting where members vote on AzDEO's board members and budget, and are updated on the work done and plans going forward.

Pink Tutu Flu (PTF) 2024

PTF provides dance educators with training on a variety of topics, discussions, and networking. Started as a grassroots effort by a small group of dance educators in 2005, PTF has grown from a handful of people in a private home to approximately 50 participants meeting at a school or university site!

Thursday, January 25, 2024 at Chandler High School​

9:00 to 3:00 PM

*Check in begins at 8:30 AM

         Members: Free               Non-members: $30


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Online Standards Training
AzDEO is pleased to announce our first online professional development. For the first topic, it was decided that the standards

were most important to address. Therefore, these videos will provide information on different components of standards.
This first set of five videos addresses our newly revised Arizona Dance Standards adopted in May 2015.

Lynn Tuttle graciously agreed to provide the information you will find on these videos.
Following this, a second set of three videos will deal with the history of standards, kindly provided by Rima Faber.

Rima has been working with standards for many years and wrote NDEO’s 2005 standards, and was the dance writing team chair

for the 2014 National Core Dance Standards. This set will be available in a couple of weeks.
The third set of videos will introduce you to the Arizona dance writing team and provide their perspective on our new standards.
Along with the videos, a narrative is provided that follows the video presentations.
 Questions: If you have questions or need further information about any of the information in the videos,

please contact Lynn Monson at lmonson@cox.net.
Copyright: All videos and written information are copyrighted by AzDEO.
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Teacher Evaluation
Learn about ADE’s Teacher Evaluation Model for Group B teachers.
Virginia Stodola from ADE has led a group of dance educators (now 2 groups) in a project to develop performance assessments that can be used

for Teacher Evaluation. The hope is that these performance assessments will be used as an important part of the data to evaluate dance educators.

On the ADE website, you will find the documents to begin implementing the authentic performance assessments.

Click here.

Other Resources

A. Power Point (presented at the 2016 Pink Tutu Flu by Virginia) that briefly outlines the model and explains Student Learning Objectives.
B. Performance assessment and rubric created by a group of dance teachers. It assesses and is aligned to the Creating and Performing Standards.
C. Unwrapped standards: To ensure the performance assessment was aligned to our new dance standards,

the dance teachers unwrapped the Creating and Performing Standards. It simplifies the language of the standards.

D. AZ Observing Dance Class- outlines what evaluators should understand and look for when observing a dance class.

E. What Makes an Effective Dance Teacher
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