AzDEO Student Choreography Contest 2019-2020

AzDEO announces its Student Choreography Contest for 2019-2020. Students in Middle and High School, and College are encouraged to submit their choreography for adjudication.

Must be based on the given theme. This year the theme is “Making a Change: It Only Takes One” (Choose a topic/idea important to you and show in your choreography the process of how you as one person can make a change).

Maximum length is 4 minutes.
Only the choreography will be judged, but performance can affect the quality of the choreography.
Choreographer does not have to be a performer.  

Choreography Criteria
Composition, Originality/Creativity, Visual Effect, Interpretation of   Accompaniment            

Must be submitted digitally to the google drive link.
MP4 format only
Must include your name, age, school at the beginning of the video, and a written artistic statement also submitted (include your name, age and school).

Submissions are due Oct. 15th, Jan. 15th and March 15th. Each deadline date is for a new round of adjudication.
Only 4 submissions per school per each submission deadline. 4 may be submitted in October, 4 in January, 4 in March.

AzDEO will award a certificate to the student and school.