AzDEO Student Choreography Contest


AzDEO announces its Student Choreography Contest for 2021-2022. Students of Middle, High School, and College age are encouraged to submit their choreography for adjudication.


Must be based on the given theme. This year’s theme is “Finding My Way Back”. Re-adjusting to normal after the pandemic. 
Maximum length is 4 minutes.
Only the choreography will be judged, but performance can affect the quality of the choreography.

Choreographer does not have to be a performer.  
Choreography Criteria

Composition, Originality/Creativity, Visual Effect, Interpretation of   Accompaniment            

Must be submitted digitally to the google drive link. format only
Must include your name, age, school/studio/college at the beginning of the video, and a written artistic statement also submitted (include your name, age and school/studio/college).

Submissions are due Oct. 15th, Jan. 15th and March 15th. Each deadline date is for a new round of adjudication.
Only 4 submissions per school per each submission deadline. 4 may be submitted in October, 4 in January, 4 in March.

AzDEO will award a certificate to the student and school.