Taylor’d Dance Artistic and Academic Vision Scholarship

Academic Criteria
Graduating high school seniors with future goals for dance related career.
Overall GPA 3.0 or higher.

Involved with dance leadership in school or other dance organization.

Artistic Criteria
Technically and Artistically Strong
Technically Strong:
Demonstrates understanding of the technique in relation to the theme and genre and demonstrates proficiency in that technique.
Demonstrates movements, positions, and transitions with clarity and accuracy.

Artistically Strong:
Communicates intent of choreography, ideas, emotions.
Communicates effectively using the elements of dance.
Demonstrates needed stage presence for the choreography.  
Demonstrates understanding of what is required in the choreography.
Demonstrates musicality.

Students must be attending an NDEO/AzDEO member school.

Application Requirements

Complete the form below.
Choreography and/or performance video with application.
Essay on impact dance has had on them, future goals in dance, and how they expect to contribute to dance.

Email the DVD and essay to info@azdeo.org.

Application due by April 15th. 

Awardee will receive $200.00 award for future dance education expenses.