Other Requirements:
Help plan the AzDEO reception at the conference or be involved in some other capacity, determined by AzDEO.
Upon returning, write an essay describing your experience, the benefit to you, and how you will share what you learned with the larger dance community.
In some capacity, share what you learned with the larger dance community (at the Pink Tutu Flu, disseminate materials electronically, etc).

Submit application above and submit essay via email to info@azdeo.org. Applications due April 15th. 


Scholarship Application Information

​NDEO Conference Scholarships Awarded by AzDEO

AzDEO awards two scholarships to any member in good standing. Membership must be maintained from the time of application through the dates of the conference.
Full scholarship includes regular conference registration (does not include fees for intensives or other extra charges), airfare, and hotel, checking in the night before the start of the conference and checking out the day after the conference ends.
Partial scholarship includes regular conference registration (does not include fees for intensives or other extra charges). If possible, the person who receives the partial scholarship may share a room with the full scholarship recipient at no additional cost.  
If awarded a scholarship, an awardee must wait 2 years before applying again. Ex: if awarded in 2017, they may apply in 2020. 

Application Requirements: Submission of the application which includes an essay requiring the following information.


The essay must address the following questions.

a. Please answer in the order listed, separated by paragraphs or the number indicated. 

b. Please check your grammar, punctuation etc. 

1. Background:
a. Teachers, administrators or other related work personnel:
Describe teaching experience.
Describe programs you have developed or directed at your school/studio/place of work.
Describe leadership roles you have held.
What are your goals for your program and/or professional growth.

b. Dance Education Major College student:
List college attending, include graduate or undergraduate.
What is your teaching or work experience?
What is your goal in dance education?
What leadership roles have you held?

2. Why do you wish to attend the NDEO conference, indicating the benefit and gains to you?
3. How do you plan to use the information/knowledge gained?
4. How will you be able to share the information/knowledge gained with the larger dance education community?

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