AzDEO Bill Evans Excellence in Teaching Award

In the fall of 2008, the Arizona Dance Education Organization, an affiliate of the National Dance Education Organization, established an award in honor of master teacher, Bill Evans.

Recipients of the award will exhibit the following best teaching practices as exemplified by Bill Evans:
Creates a sense of community in the classroom
Demonstrates an extensive understanding of dance content and the artistic processes
Demonstrates a developmental sequence of classroom material
Presents a positive attitude which demonstrates a love of dance
Creates an environment of trust in which students can experience change and/or transformation
Engages students in the learning process and helps them assume responsibility for their growth as an artist and learner
Provides multiple inroads for student understanding
Develops in students an appreciation of the relationship between music and dance
Teaching for a minimum of 5 years

Requirements and process for submission
This award is open to all members and non-members of AzDEO.
The  AzDEO Recognition Committee will make nominations based on their knowledge of outstanding educators.  Educators are encouraged to make a request to the committee, you may send email from website contact form.   The nominees will be notified of this honor, and will then need to provide the following in order for the nomination to be complete:

Two letters of nomination, which address how the candidate exemplifies the best teaching practices, identified above. One letter should be from a former or current student. The other letter should come from one of the following:
A colleague or dance educator
An administrator
A mentor or professor (current or former)

Nominee will then complete the process by submitting the following:
Nominations Cover Sheet and contact information
Two letters of nomination
A teaching resume/history of the nominated teacher
A DVD or YouTube link (preferred) of the nominee teaching OR the Recognition Committee will arrange to visit the nominee’s classroom.

All submissions are due to the AzDEO Recognition Committee by January 30th!
Electronic submission is preferred –

Bill Evans Award Presentation
Announcement of the award will be made at the Teacher’s Breakfast at the State High School Dance Festival and again prior to the performance.

Awards will be decided by the AzDEO Recognition Committee
E-Mail submissions to:

NOTE:  Recipients of Bill Evans Award must wait 5 years before being nominated for the KLL Award.